A downloadable Choice Game for Windows

In Absconder, you tailor the story to how you want to play. Assuming the role of an asylum bound silent protagonist, approach your unfortunate situation with everything from cold rationality to impassioned insanity. Cross ethical lines or pursue your goals humanely. Trust your allies or betray them the first chance you get. In the end, all that matters is escaping the nightmare... right?

Navigate through the world of Absconder via graphic novel-esque panels comprised of visually stunning scenes all rendered in Blender. Complete with sound, Absconder makes for a unique and engaging piece of interactive fiction that can be played over and over again multiple times. No two player's experiences are the same. 

Will you end up demented, detained, or a defector - and how many people will get hurt along the way?

Install instructions

Open the zip file and unzip all the files. Once completed, click the file called "ABSCONDER.EXE" to play the game. You CANNOT separate "ABSCONDER.EXE" from the unzipped file, but you can create a shortcut of the EXE and replace the icon with the "ICO" image.




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It's short, but varied and has surprisingly good impact on feelings. Characters are interesting, action moments help to make player a little more invested into the game since they're timed and overall aestethic brings the whole thing together. 

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Thank you for your comments, it means a lot! I'm glad you enjoyed it!


Nice story with some great visuals. Ran well on my PC.

I read a lot of choice novels and I'm usually comparatively disappointed by the lack of impact of my choices in choice 'games' - but I was pleasantly surprised by the replayabilty here (using panels was a good way to bridge novel's choice variability to a 3D game). It's short enough to give meaning to choices and doesn't overplay it's hand. I had most fun comparing choices with my sister (who played a quick run after I did).

I recommended!